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Nayeem Ahmed
Jun 30, 2022
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Whether it's drawing a personal painting or making a business case, for illustrators, every creation is a game that surpasses their own limits. During the process, they must have fun and play with all their strength. to create innovative works. Only when you are good at creating and playing, can you ignite creativity Since I was a child, I liked to draw, and I have chosen to study art-related subjects all the way. The illustrator Jiajiajia not only has a solid foundation in painting, but also has various roles such as graphic design, photographer, lecturer, and judge. When recalling the graduation production at the university, she smiled and said that she chose the theme of "Sharing Culture" at the beginning, one of the main reasons was that she could take pictures and play everywhere while doing her homework. But photo retouching service also because of this playfulness, she made eye-catching works, and she was invited to participate in the "TaiwanFest Canada Taiwan Cultural Festival" overseas. Art dot 01 Photo Credit: provided by Click Read Huashan Minus Plus Plus is an illustrator, graphic designer, photographer and lecturer. His creative style is rich and diverse. He likes to use illustrations to record cultural characteristics. His works span Taiwan and mainland China. He was invited to participate in the "TaiwanFest Canada" Taiwan Cultural Festival", and served as a digital painting judge for the Jin Hyuk Award. There is a person who runs the FB fan group "Minus Plus ChiaArt" and the IG page "cchia_art" As long as it is fun and interesting, I am full of interest, and even volunteered to propose to the owner. For example, a few years ago, she undertook the case of the main visual of the "Shanghai Coffee Culture Festival". When looking for creative inspiration,

Nayeem Ahmed

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